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Welcome to Cricket King

We aim to provide you and your pet with the best quality crickets that are big, strong and resilient! We sell live insects for you to feed reptiles, birds and other small mammals and deliver them straight to your door. Cricket King crickets are fed a fresh, nutrient rich diet, designed to benefit both the cricket and your pet.

Don't like the hassle of ordering crickets every week? Learn more about our auto-ship offer to see how you could save yourself time and money! Although our aim is to ensure our crickets remain in the best possible condition until delivered, we include 5-10% extra crickets to cover any lost in the delivery process.

We are a small Australian business that cares about helping you and your pet, so please help us by liking Cricket Kings facebook page and telling your friends and family about us!

About Us:

Cricket King is a Goulburn based company founded in 2013. We aim to supply the highest quality crickets, perfect for pet reptiles, birds and small mammals.

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