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How do I stop my crickets escaping?

Crickets are exceptional escape artists, able to squeeze themselves through small holes and gaps. Many of the pre-made cricket keepers that are commercially available have not been designed with this in mind and are becoming known for escapes. Many of these containers have large air holes in the top that crickets are able to get out of as usually the containers are not very tall so once they have a few egg cartons etc in them, it isn't difficult for the crickets to reach these holes. If you think that your cricket container is where your crickets are escaping from, place the entire thing inside a bigger container for a few days and check to see if there are any loose crickets in the bottom of your bigger container. If so than you will need to have a thorough look at your container and fix any spots that they may be getting out of. The other option is to get a taller container that they can't easily reach the top of and use this instead (See our section 'What should I store my crickets in' for more information.).

It is also possible that your crickets are escaping once they have been put inside your pets terrarium for feeding. Most terrariums have small holes in the top for cables to go through which are perfect for crickets to squeeze out of. This can be avoided by placing duct tape or something similar over the holes.

If your crickets are still escaping it may be occurring when you are moving them from one container to another to be cleaned or for feeding. One way to avoid having crickets chirping in your house is to take your container outside to clean it and when you are collecting some for feeding. If this isn't possible and you end up with a few crickets inside your house, don't worry too much as only the adult males can chirp so you most likely wont notice them and they won't live for too long outside of their container especially if it is quite hot or cold. If you have a pet cat or dog, they will probably corner and play with the escapee cricket if they find it or may even eat it!

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