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How do I get my crickets out of their container?

A lot of people don't like the thought or feeling of crickets crawling on their hands and arms. Fortunately there are a few simple tricks to avoid having to do this when you want to get some out of their container to feed your pet. The first method is to just take one of the egg cartons that are in your cricket container and shake it into a bucket. You should try to do this relatively quickly so that the crickets don't start to crawl onto you or jump off. Whenever you are handling the egg cartons in your container it is good practice to shake any cricket poo off before putting them back in place.

If you are feeding lots of animals then you may want to make a feeding stick. You can do this by getting a long piece of cardboard and wrapping some packing tape around the top so that the crickets can't reach your fingers as they are unable to crawl on the smooth surface of the tape. Once you have finished constructing your feeding stick, dip it into your bucket of crickets and wait a few seconds for them to start crawling onto the stick then slowly lift it into a bucket or container and shake the crickets off.

live cricket feeding stickAbove: An example of a feeding stick that you can easily make yourself.

If you are having trouble getting your crickets to crawl onto your feeding stick or onto one egg carton in particular, simply take everything else out of their container (shaking each item off as you go) temporarily so that when you put your feeding stick or egg carton in it is the only thing for them to crawl on. Don't forget to put everything back when you have enough crickets to feed your pets.

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