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Welcome to the world of cricket keeping! If you are looking for a way to get the most out of your crickets than this is the book for you! Created by the owners of Cricket King who have years of experience in commercially breeding and selling crickets that are not only big and healthy but also crickets that live longer and are better for your beloved pets. This in depth guide will show you how to either increase or slow down your crickets growth, how to store them, what to feed them and other important factors that you need to know to be able to raise the healthiest crickets possible that your pets love to eat.

Hungry bearded dragon eating live cricket

There are a few problems that are very common for people attempting to keep live crickets; the three big ones are ventilation, temperature or not having easy access to food or water sources.

Have a read of our section on ventilation and make sure that enough air flow is getting into your container. You will probably be surprised by how much air flow your crickets need, especially if you have a lid on the container

Temperature is very important when it comes to successfully growing crickets. Too hot and your crickets will overheat and die but too cold and they will be unable to move and will go to sleep and die. Review our section on temperature so you can see what the best temperature is for what you want to do with your crickets. The best temperature for your crickets depends on whether you are wanting them to grow at a normal rate or whether you want them to grow more quickly or more slowly.

If you are keeping large amounts of crickets at once then make sure you are giving them enough food and water. Our section on what to feed your crickets will provide you with specific examples of wet and dry foods that your crickets will enjoy and are good for them. Your crickets will eat and drink more when kept at a warmer temperature so be sure to accommodate for this. If they don't get enough food they won't grow properly and will either begin to eat each other or starve to death. If they don't get enough water, especially in warmer temperatures, it wont take long for them to start to die, so make sure you frequently check their water supply.

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Cricket King is a Goulburn based company founded in 2013. We aim to supply the highest quality crickets, perfect for pet reptiles, birds and small mammals.

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