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Cricket Care for crickets 10mm – Sub Adult

live cricket 10mm to sub adult

Once your crickets have reached this stage in their lives they are at the easiest point to look after. They are now a decent size, strong and their jaws have developed more so they are able to chew tougher foods. Crickets of this size are geared towards staying alive as they aren't able to reproduce yet so they just concentrate on making it to maturity. You can give crickets of this size just about any type of water rich fruit or vegetables including whole carrots and potatoes as they are capable of burrowing into their food to seek out the moisture within. With their stronger jaws they are able to break up pieces of dry food that aren't ground up finely. They need somewhere safe to molt and to have a little time out from other crickets so be sure to provide enough egg cartons or other housing materials.

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Cricket King is a Goulburn based company founded in 2013. We aim to supply the highest quality crickets, perfect for pet reptiles, birds and small mammals.

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