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Cricket Care for Adult crickets

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Once reaching their final stage in life, you may notice that the male crickets have developed their wings which means you will be hearing lots of chirping. This is done to try and find a mate and once developed it means that the crickets have completed their final molt.

DID YOU KNOW: Only adult male crickets have the ability to chirp and do so by rubbing their wings together.

Adult crickets need to be kept in a clean environment so that they can keep themselves clean as they cannot shed parasites with their old exoskeleton. Make sure you clean their container out at least once a week, keep humidity levels low and remove any fruit or vegetables before they go mouldy. Large crickets need more room for their size than juvenile crickets do which is due to the fact they can become more aggressive towards each other. The main goal for adult crickets is to find a mate and if protein levels are too high in their food some males will sometimes go without eating or drinking so that they are able to keep chirping for as long as possible to attract a mate. Large crickets need to be given fresh vegetables as they need more carbohydrates rather than protein as they have finished growing.

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