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What should I store my crickets in?

You may be considering buying a pre-made cricket container that you find in stores or online but for a cheaper price you can make your own that will be able to hold more crickets at once and be less likely to have any escapees.

When keeping hundreds if not thousands of live crickets at once the best option to store them in is a 50L (13Gal) or 100L (26Gal) plastic storage container. Your container should have a flat bottom and be tall enough that your crickets aren't able to get within 15cm (6”) of the top of the box; any higher and they will be much more likely to jump out. If you decide not to use a lid than you will need to place a line of plastic tape 45mm (2”) wide about 15cm (6”) from the top of your box. This will stop crickets from being able to climb up the sides of your container and walk out as the tape is too slippery for them. Using a large storage container without a lid means you are easily able to check on your crickets as well as prevent unnecessary deaths from moisture build up which can easily ruin the crickets housing.

empty live cricket box with tape to stop crickets climbing outAbove: A container with tape around the sides to stop crickets crawling out.

Having a lid on your cricket container can be useful if you are worried about your crickets escaping still or if you need a way to keep other insects or curious household pets out. Just keep in mind that when keeping large amounts of crickets, excess moisture can easily become a problem so you need to make sure you have a proper ventilation method (more on that later).

*DID YOU KNOW: Lizards and frogs aren't the only things that enjoy eating crickets. Dogs, cats, ducks and many other animals also think crickets are a tasty treat!


  • A 50L (13Gal) or 100L (26Gal) plastic storage container makes an ideal home for large amounts of crickets.
  • Place a line of tape about 15cm (6”) from the top of the box to stop crickets from walking out.
  • Make sure you consider a proper ventilation method if you are going to put a lid on your container.
live cricket box with side ventsAbove: A 50L storage container with holes drilled in the side covered with mesh.

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